First association of this kind in Québec Province


Inspired by previous professionals working in the rehabilitation of amputees in Quebec, Mr. Yvon Bureau and Ms. Debbie Gencher, wished to found an association in 1994.

Enthusiastic, they wanted to bring together other professionals in the network of health, social services, research, administration and education, from all parts of the province, to create opportunities for exchange and sharing regarding interventions with amputees.

These professionals wanted above all to share and renew their knowledge and their expertise in the rehabilitation workplace.
Thus was born the Association québécoise des intervenants auprès des amputés, AQIPA, on November 3, 1995 at the Centre François-Charron (now IRDPQ) Québec, the first association of its kind in Quebec. Composed of its 10 founding members, the Board of Directors began its official mission to create events that bring together professionals from any discipline, to share their knowledge and the fruits of their experience in the rehabilitation of persons who have had an amputation.

To unite professionals in dynamic exchange, AQIPA always favoured holding a Congress. Since 1995, there have been seven (7) Congresses, all very rewarding and challenging. Over the years, the Congress has built a solid reputation and its scientific program now includes international speakers. The Association was founded by committed volunteers who do not count their efforts for the benefit of amputees.

Ever since the beginning, AQIPA has rewarded ideas, dedication and the work of its members through provincial awards at its Congresses. Included are the research award and the Debbie Gencher-Yvon Bureau prize given to a person or a group of people for the development of the association or for the benefit of persons who have undergone an amputation. A committee of professionals evaluates each nomination in granting the prize.

In addition to its congresses, the association brings together professionals and amputees in golf tournaments, scientific sessions and various information activities. These events have always been successful, and as funding activities members can participate in professional development opportunities and awards for scholarship.

Built on its many years of existence, the association invests more than ever in its development. In 2011 AQIPA produced a new interactive website to strengthen its support of its members, and aimed at spreading its canvas across the entire province, and even beyond Quebec.