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In its development plan, the Association québécoise des intervenants auprès des personnes amputées (AQIPA) aimed at stimulating professionals and caregivers working with people with limb amputation to question, reflect and innovate in all spheres of activities relating to amputees. Therefore, the AQIPA created the « Debbie Gencher-Yvon Bureau prize ». Recipients of the prize will be presented to the AQIPA members at the biennial congress.

The Debbie Gencher-Yvon Bureau prize emphasizes the ideas, dedication and the work of professionals and caregivers of the AQIPA. It bears the name of the cofounders. It is given to a person or group of persons having shown a special and specific involvement in the development of AQIPA or for the benefit of persons with limb amputation. As the founders, they should have deployed energy and conviction to improve the quality of interventions for amputees.

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